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Nissan Qashqai (2G) (2013) BluSpeedster
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William Taylor
Newport, England


"Bought one Nissan—might as well buy another." — Folk wisdom

I purchased this Nissan mainly for family needs and as a backup vehicle. — The first major drawback that became apparent was its inability to haul a heavy trailer. — The second downside is the fuel consumption; it’s quite high compared to the Corsa, running between 15-20 liters per 100 kilometers when driven actively. Other than that, the car has been a pleasure: the suspension works brilliantly, and it handles much better than the typical sedan with a beam axle. The struts are a bit soft, but that’s expected.

It’s good to have reliable brakes. The lack of a handbrake, however, is a disappointment. No slipping in winter.

The cabin is quite cramped, especially at the driver's seat where my knees press against the dashboard. The trunk isn’t very deep, but there’s ample space overall.

It has off-road capabilities, which is a nice touch, though I don’t plan to use them much.

This is my everyday ride. Plans include adding a body kit, ducktail spoiler, and wider wheels. And some smaller tweaks: replacing all bulbs with LEDs and attaching sill plates.

Fellow Qashqai owners, feel free to connect and share any tips about this ride!

For everyone else, stay tuned for posts about my adventures in bulb changing.

Vehicle's passport data

  • Engine 2 l.gasoline, 144 hp
  • Automatic gearbox
  • Front-wheel drive unit
  • The car was manufactured in the 2016 year
  • The car was bought in the 2017 year


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