Site rules

These rules apply to all registered users of the site without exception. By using the site, you fully agree with these rules and commit to follow them in full.

In a Nutshell

  • Our site is only about cars
  • We publish only our content (photos, videos, texts, etc.).
  • Swearing and personal attacks are strictly prohibited
  • At 4PITSTOP, there's a democracy of common sense.
  • If you behave indecently — your account will be deleted without warning.


Main Condition

You commit to conscientiously use the site's functionality. Dishonest behavior includes: any attempts at manipulating ratings; spamming; and any other actions that cause any type of harm to the service, its users, partners, or advertisers.

The account of a user found violating the principle of conscientious use will be deleted without warning and without the possibility of recovery.


Not Allowed
  • Registering more than one account per person.
  • Entering a nickname with any indecent meanings.
  • Uploading avatars of a sexual nature, with indecent inscriptions, with photos of other people without their consent (except for fictional characters, movie heroes, and world celebrities), styled as interface elements.
  • Placing any kind of advertising information on the avatar (website addresses, phone numbers, emails, and anything else).
  • Entering indecent or knowingly false data in the fields "city," "name," "surname."
  • Using "disposable" email boxes from services like or


  • Not having an avatar and photo.
  • Not writing a story "About Me."


  • Indicating your real name and surname — this makes it easier for your acquaintances to find you.
  • Not using simple passwords: those matching your login, various 123456, asdfgh, qwerty, and the like.
  • Using your photo or a neutral picture that does not infringe on anyone's rights as an avatar.
  • Writing a text "About Me" — this increases your authority in the community.
  • Indicating the email address you regularly use — this will help you recover your forgotten password more quickly.

Adding a Car

Not Allowed
  • Posting motorcycles, quad bikes, bicycles, scooters, toys, and other non-cars. This contradicts the concept of the site.
  • Adding a car that you are just waiting for; a dream car; a friend's-neighbor's-acquaintance's car; a company car; rented or as a replacement vehicle, as well as for any duration of test drive.
  • Entering indecent or knowingly inaccurate data in the car description field.
  • Posting a car without photos of that particular car and/or a story about it.
  • Entering indecent words in any language in the "comment on the car" field.


  • Adding cars that you have previously owned.
  • Publishing information about cars of close relatives (if it is a family car and the experience of driving it allows to provide the community with detailed information and answer other users' questions).
  • Write a brief story.
  • Not specifying the license plate number and VIN code.
  • Adding a passenger car that is not in the site's catalog under the "Other Brands" section.
  • Adding a car of a sports team if you are the pilot of this car.


  • Write a detailed story about the car.
  • Fill in the "power" and "engine capacity" fields in the form.

Story About the Car

Not Allowed
  • Violating the main rules for preparing publications.
  • Using someone else's text (or its fragment) — someone else's review of such a car, description from the manufacturer's website, article from an auto publication, etc.
  • Using as a story a text that consists of a simple listing of equipment.
  • Publishing a story about another car, a story not about the car at all, or any other text identified by the moderator as not corresponding to the given car.


  • Use your own text, previously published on any other site about the car.


  • Write substantively about the car.
  • Break long text into paragraphs — it makes it easier to read.
  • Text consisting of several semantic parts should be accompanied by subheadings.

Car Photos

Not Allowed
  • Uploading any third-party photos, from this site or the internet. Even if "mine is exactly the same." No exceptions to this rule.
  • Posting terrible quality photos where nothing is understandable, as well as various drawings, illustrations, diagrams, 3D models, and other images that are not photos of the specified car.
  • Uploading edited photos where manipulations have distorted the actual appearance of the car. For example, elements are added or removed, captions or drawings are added, color or proportions are changed, and any other "improvements" that do not exist in reality.
  • Using photos only from the showroom, auction, or dealer's site (even if it's your car).
  • Uploading the same photo several times.
  • Placing on photos any advertising, offensive, or action-encouraging inscriptions on the site.
  • Placing elements of the design and/or interface of this site and/or the operating system on the photo.


  • Posting edited photos if the processing did not affect the exterior of the car.
  • Posting professionally taken photos, provided that they are of your car.
  • Posting photos of the car along with people (girls, boys, children), if the result does not cross the boundaries of commonly accepted morality.
  • "Blurring" the license plate if you are more worried about something on the site than on the road.


  • Uploading several diverse photos - general view, interior, details of the interior and exterior.
  • Not overusing effects in graphic editors - in some cases, an excess of effects leads to the opposite result, and the photos become even worse.
  • Choosing the best photo, in your opinion, as the main (first in order) photo.
  • Setting the general view of the car as the main photo.


Not Allowed
  • Leaving monosyllabic uninformative comments like "subscribed", "come visit", "nice car", "cool photo", "cool color" and similar.
  • Adding to comments images with indecent depictions, of a pornographic and erotic nature, publishing comments that incite any kind of discord or provoke quarrels or conflict discussions.
  • Using any kind of swear words (no masking with special characters, dots, rearranging or omitting letters and other tricks will help).
  • Using any kind of racist and/or nationalist derogatory terms. Even a single comment like this will lead to account deletion without warning and possibility of recovery.
  • Leaving off-topic comments.
  • Discussing the actions of the moderator and/or site administration.
  • Flooding - cluttering the air with a stream of insubstantial and/or senseless comments.


  • Expressing your thought or question about the discussed car more or less elaborately. This is what comments are for.
  • Responding to a specific question addressed to you personally not by creating a new comment, but using the "Reply" link below the comment containing the question. Only in this case, your interlocutor will receive a notification about the response.
  • Writing properly. Respect the eyes and brains of other community members.
  • Praising or criticizing the car correctly and substantively. Constructive criticism is better than empty and meaningless praise.

Entries in the Personal Blog

Not Allowed


  • Writing on non-automotive topics.
  • Not uploading a cover image


  • Writing your own author's entries on mostly any topic. The main thing is that it should be interesting.
  • Supplementing entries with your own photos. Firstly, this attracts attention. Secondly, even the most interesting text without a picture does not give a 100% understanding of the situation.

Entries in the Car Logbook

Not Allowed
  • Violating the publication preparation rules (please familiarize yourself with them carefully to avoid misunderstandings in the future).
  • Publishing anything that does not pertain to your car specifically. For entries not related to your car, there is a personal blog.


  • Posting an entry about selling the car in its logbook.
  • Not uploading a cover image


  • Accurately labeling the entry - it makes it easier for people to find information of interest.

Publication of Materials

Not Allowed
  • Using profanity in any form and in any language. No masking with special characters, dots, rearranging or omitting letters, and other tricks will help.
  • Using any kind of racist and/or nationalist derogatory terms. Even the first violation of this clause will lead to account deletion without warning and possibility of recovery.
  • Publishing calls to rate entries, subscribe, support any contests or ratings in any way.
  • Posting entries that violate universal norms of morality and ethics or contradict the life principles of the site creators.
  • Reprinting textual materials from other websites. If your entry is intended to use information from an external source, the amount of copied text should not exceed half of the total text volume and must be accompanied by an active hyperlink to the original source(s).
  • Abusing CAPITAL LETTERS, entering unreadable gibberish, and "filling" the text to size with various kinds of special characters.
  • Publishing advertising messages and/or announcements of any kind.
  • Discussing the work of moderators or site administration. Site rules and moderation are not open for discussion.
  • Asking for money or organizing collections of any material values for any purposes. Exceptions are actions initiated or authorized by the Administration.
  • Posting illustrations and photos whose copying is directly prohibited by copyright holders or authors.
  • Publishing anything (text, photo, video) that incites interethnic, gender, or religious discord. For violating this clause, the account will be deleted without warning and possibility of recovery.
  • Publishing entries of a political nature that provoke conflictual discussions, incite discord, and cultivate negative emotions.
  • Posting adult content.
  • Quoting personal correspondence (4PITSTOP messages, email, SMS, messengers) of the interlocutor without their direct consent.
  • Publishing personal data of people without their consent.
  • Creating entries consisting only of a link, as well as posting referral links or any similar ones (including so-called "affiliate" ones).
  • Creating identical entries in more than one community.


  • Using in entries brand photos of cars; frames from movies; covers of books and disks; fragments of geographical maps; screenshots of programs; images of world-famous works of art; photos of celebrities and any photo materials whose free distribution is directly allowed by the author or copyright holder.
  • Inserting videos from popular video hosting sites that allow embedding on third-party sites.


  • Breaking up long text into paragraphs.
  • If the entry contains a significant amount of text and photos, arranging photos within the text.
  • Inserting videos from popular video hosting sites directly into the entry.
  • Refraining from publishing a large number of photos without accompanying text.

Inserting Videos into Blogs and Logbooks

Not Allowed
  • Inserting videos (including hyperlinks to them) that contain: profanity, naturalistic scenes of violence, scenes of human degradation, adult content, scenes inciting religious or interethnic hostility, personal information of other people without their direct consent.
  • Inserting advertising videos except for promotional videos of global manufacturers.


  • Inserting third-party videos from popular video hosting sites that do not violate the 4PITSTOP Rules


  • Using video insertion capabilities for their intended purpose - sharing with the community your own video notes on automotive topics.
  • Briefly describing the content of the video in the entry containing it, so that each reader can more easily understand whether it is of interest to them or not.

Adult Content

Not Allowed
  • Posting photos, illustrations, and videos of a pornographic nature. These include images of nude and semi-nude nature aimed at attracting the attention of the general public. The ban applies throughout the site — on car pages, in blogs, logbooks, on avatars, user photos, and any other places.
  • Posting materials that search engines identify as "adult content" or the "18+" category. The ban applies throughout the site — on car pages, in blogs, logbooks, on avatars, user photos, and any other places.


  • Discussing smoking tobacco and alcohol consumption, the basics of non-Euclidean geometry and quantum mechanics, prospects for the development of nanotechnologies, the threat of global warming, and other adult topics.


  • Not seeking cheap popularity, remembering that our community revolves primarily around automotive topics.

Advertising and Promotion

In development...

Ban and Its Removal

Violating any of the prohibited points of the rules listed above can easily lead to account blocking. If the violation occurs for the first time and is not very severe, the user may submit a written petition to the moderator.

The moderator will certainly consider the appeal, but the lifting of the ban is not guaranteed. In case of a positive decision, the account block will be removed within one working day. In case of a negative decision, the ban will not be lifted and the violator will not receive any response or additional explanation. The moderator does not enter into correspondence.

Removed without warning and possibility of recovery:

  • Spammers
  • Persistent swearers

The best way to endlessly enjoy the site is not to violate the rules.