Volkswagen Golf Mk4 (1997) Waggy
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Jakub Kowalczyk, 23 ages
Bialystok, Poland


This is my first car, parents gifted it to me after I had passed my license. It's quite old car, but I love it. Over the past 4 years I have changed the steering rack, rear calipers, brake pads and battery. Considering how old the car is, I can say that there were almost no problems with it. 

BTW: In the nearest future I want to buy the new one. I really want to buy Golf 8, I'm saving money for it.

Vehicle's passport data

  • Engine 1.6 l.gasoline, 102 hp
  • Mechanical gearbox
  • Front-wheel drive unit
  • The car was manufactured in the 2000 year
  • The car was bought in the 2019 year


By date
Minor maintenance

Scheduled maintenance

13 days
Replacing wheel rims

Wheel rims

13 days


From end
From start

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